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Toronto ABDL / Ageplay Group

In and around Toronto there are a lot more ABDLs, ageplayers and babyfurs than you might think! Wouldn’t it be fun and exciting to hangout with like minded people ~ make some new friends or see familiar ones. The Toronto ABDL/Ageplay Group (TAG) invites you to come join us in a safe and friendly environment over dinner!

WHEN: The munches take place every 3rd Saturday of each month.

TIME: Munches take place at 7pm until whenever.

WHERE:  The Flatiron, 49 Wellington St. East Map

                           We will be sitting on the second floor near the back!


DIRECTIONS:  Map For those traveling by public transit, the optimal way is to go to Union Station, and walk East along Front St. E. until you reach Church St, the Pub is just down the stairs at that intersection.

For those driving, the Jarvis St. exit off the Gardiner Expressway is the closest highway exit, from there go north on Jarvis St. and Make a left at Front St. E (heading west) from there just find parking close by and walk to the pub at the corner of Front St. E and Church St.

If you need specific directions from a particular location, please private message the organizer or group leaders!

PARKING: There is street parking with ‘Pay and Display’ all along Front St there is also a ‘Green P’ parking garage on the Esplanade nearby.

HOW TO FIND US: The munch organizers Ladlylad & me_want_c00kie will generally be there a few minutes early to claim the reserved tables.  Those who come later might not be seated at the group table, depending on how busy the restaurant is ~ you might be able to request a table near ours as an alternative.

We tend to sit towards the back at the large long table under the Bowler Hat lights. We will likely be the largest group there and not too difficult to find.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a public place so due discretion is warranted. (i.e. don’t come wearing obvious diapers, bondage gear, etc. and don’t make a scene.

The munches are NOT a “pickup event” and are NON-SEXUAL in nature. This goes for the munch itself and anywhere the group may go afterwards. It’s not a night for “getting some”

A 12% gratuity  is automatically charged by the restaurant because of the size of our group. It is highly recommended you place an additional Tip on top of this as dealing with a table of 25+ people at a restaurant is very challenging for the staff


CONTACT INFO: Have more questions? Please join Toronto ABDL/Ageplay Group (TAG) or I can be found on twitter @me_want_c00kie

See you there!

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