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TeddyCon 2017



TeddyCon 2017 is sponsored by BareBum Diapers!
October 12th – 15th, 2017

That’s right!  We are taking over the whole hotel!  To state that again, we are taking over the whole hotel!  Every room, every space, everyone and everything.  TeddyCon 2017, sponsored by BareBum Diapers  is going to be an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind event!  Starting on Thursday, October 12th until Sunday, October 15th, our hotel will become an ABDL paradise!

So what does this mean exactly?  Maybe you have many questions about this.  Let’s answer a few of them.

Wanna roam the halls at will in your onesie or your footed pajamas?  You got it!
Wanna workout in the exercise room, run on the treadmill or lift weights in just your t-shirt and diaper?No problem!
Wanna let you paci hang freely as you go to classes and playtime!  The answer isYes!

The entire hotel is ours, from one end of the hallways all the way up to the con space and back.  The main lobby will not be a part of the takeover, for obvious reason.  So we will have that area curtained off and security will always be in place to ensure that you have the time of your little life while not having to worry about anything at all.

And if that’s not enough amazingness for you, don’t you worry … there’s more!

Join us at our Thursday evening *Under the Sea Pool Party and Dive-In Movie* sponsored by Crinkle Crate!  Go swimming and enjoy an aquatic flick, projected on big screen.  But there can be no diapers worn in the pool for obvious reason.  You may certainly wear them in the pool area but not when swimming in the pool.  Regardless, the pool and pool area is all ours.

In addition to that great pool party, the pool itself will be open from 10am – 10pm.  But, once again, *there are no diapers in the pool*.

TeddyCon 2017  – The TakeOver  will also include:

•    A NEW LARGER Play Space – twice the size and twice the fun as before with a new larger ball pit.  Feel as little as you wish in a space that will scramble your mind and take you to a magical wonderland that would make Alice herself jealous.  All the essentials will be there, from toys of yesteryear to new dreams – waiting to be made.  The play space is a mystical world of its own, enchanting each and every little crinkler who waddles in.

•    An outdoor courtyard space for play and activities.  Hang out at the Gazebo, catch some rays and fresh air.  And do all of this in just a t-shirt and diaper.  The enclosed courtyard offers an outdoor space that allows you to take the convention into the sun.  Stare up at the blue skies of day or the starry skies of night as your little ABDL heart can finally embrace a hotel convention freedom never before experienced in the open air.

•    The Vendors’ Row – Visit the many vendors and peruse their crinkly and kinky wares.  Given their own area, it will be like walking into an ageplay superstore, catered to the best-kept secrets of your soul.

•    New classes and activities – Continue to enjoy activities in the main convention space.  Classes will be held in the hallway beside the main space.  And for 2017, the pool area will even have classes.  Sit around one of tables and create or sit in one of the class chairs and contribute to the discussion.  Mixing with others has never had so many locations and has never been more intriguing.  You will get out of this event what you put into it.  And here are wonderful, welcoming opportunities to do so.

•    A dedicated Crayola themed room for even more fun.

And the best part is, you can crinkle your little tushy freely through the hallways to get to everything.  No covering up to get where you want to go – because we have taken over the hotel.

Please make sure you pop on over to BareBum Diapers and thank them for sponsoring TeddyCon 2017 – The TakeOver!

Registration for TeddyCon 2017 – The TakeOver Sponsored by BareBum Diapers is now open!

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Tiered ticket pricing is as follows:
•    Early Bird (Available Oct 17 – Dec 31) – $89.00
•    Baby Bear (Available Jan 1 – April 30) – $99.00
•    Little Bear (Available May 1 – June 30) – $109.00
•    Big Bear (Available July 1 – Aug 31) – $119.00
•    Super Bear (Available Sept 1 – Sept 30) – $129.00

Hotel Rooms:
•    Hotel registration information and code will be issued at time of registration
•    ALL hotel rooms are $89/night plus tax

Get your tickets here!!!

Registration is now open!

Visit our website to register and find out more.



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