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Mr. Nevermore's Seattle Age Play Munch (Third Saturdays)

March Munch Info

Date of next Saturday munch: March 21, 2020

Time: 2pm-4pm

Location: SODO Denny’s 2762 4th avenue S, Seattle, WA 98134

After munch event: On hiatus until further notice.

Munch schedule: The third Saturday of every month from 2 PM to 4 PM.


Contact us:

Directions: North of Sodo: 1. Take I-5 EXIT 163B toward 6TH AVE S 0.25 miles
2. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto S FOREST ST (Going West) 0.11 miles
3. Turn RIGHT onto 6TH AVE S (Going North) 0.14 miles
4. Turn LEFT onto S LANDER ST (Going West) 0.14 miles
5. Turn LEFT onto 4TH AVE S (Going South) 0.04 miles
6. Arrive Denny’s on the left.

South of Sodo: 1. Take I-5 EXIT 163 RAMP 0.54 miles
2. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto WEST SEATTLE BRG (Going West) 0.16 miles
3. Turn RIGHT onto RAMP (Going North) 0.14 miles
4. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto 4TH AVE S (Going North) 0.38 miles
5. Arrive Denny’s on the right.

I have not checked the validity of these directions they were created using a online mapping site so use at your own peril.

Bus: The closest major bus stops are Sodo Busway & S Lander St and the Sodo Link Light Rail Station both of those stops are about 3 blocks south of the restaurant.


What is a munch?

A munch is a casual lunch with like minded folks where we can meet in a public, non-threatening environment, eat, and discuss our mutual interests. It’s a great way to share information and make friends. If you want to learn more about what munches are like, the first episode of The Big Little Podcast talks all about them:

Who can go?

Can you get to the restaurant on the date and time listed? If so, then YOU and anyone you care to bring can come. The only restriction I ask is that you don’t bring any actual minors. I’d like to keep the group chronologically adult so we can keep the discussion care free and open.

Can I wear my diapers? superman underoos? latex rompers? School girl uniform? Baby reins?

Yes, BUT only if you can keep them under wraps or fit in with polite society. We are meeting in a public place and need to have respect for the others who will be dining or working there.

So just lunch? That’s it?!?

Usually I organize some sort of after get together as well and these often happen at a private residence. If it is at a private residence the person hosting has to be comfortable with you coming to there house, even munch organizers could be denied access to a private residence outing.

What if I don’t know anyone?

Well, there are a few things you can do then:

For starters, The munch is held in a public place who’s location and time are available. You could come out to the munch restaurant during the munch and observe from afar. No one will know you’re with our group unless you come up and identify yourself. So, since RSVPs are requested but not required, you’re free to join us late if you feel more comfortable.

In addition the munch hosts can come to the munch location a half hour early to meet and greet any new folks. The purpose of this will be to come out and get to know the munch hosts and possibly other new folks before the regular munch gets rolling. Hopefully it will also help you feel more comfortable.

If you’re interested in attending the first-timers meet, you’ll need to RSVP with one of the munch organizers at

Ok, ok, I’ll be there. What do I need to do?

Well, other than just show up, I’d appreciate it if you would send an e-mail to or RSVP on the FetLife event posting for the group. Just let me know that you plan to attend and how many are coming with you. That way I can get an idea of how many people are coming. This helps me do my best to get enough space at the restaurant. It also allows me to let you know if any of the plans change.

I have a question not addressed here. Who can I ask?

You can send us an e-mail at

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