Last Updated: March 7, 2011 at 4:33 pm

Pioneer Valley Littles Munch

I’m sorry for the unannounced hiatus – medical issues arose – but ‘I’m back’ and the next munch is Wednesday March 23rd. We’ll be at Packards (14 Masonic St Northampton, Massachusetts 01060), from 8-10pm (this is one hour later than in the past due to class schedules).

Any one interested in or just curious about age-play is welcome.

Main announcements will be made here, but for questions, feedback, and shorter-notice announcements I recommend you use our group on – our group is called the Pioneer Valley Age-Play Munch. I also ask people to RSVP to the event listings there if you’re on Fet (a ‘maybe’ is better than nothing) so I can plan better. You can also email

Packards is a nice bar with your typical “american bar food” type stuffs (and great triple-grilled-cheeses!).  You only pay for whatever food you order (you don’t have to buy food if you don’t want, but please support our venue if you can afford it).

We will be in the library meeting room in back – ask for ‘Dee,’ or go all the way though until you get to the last room and see the stairs –> go right through the doorway, and the room is to the rear-left next to a cash register.

Dress code is street-wear (diapers can be worn under cloths naturally… and tiaras inside the room are always awesome).

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