NELIcon ’11


General info

start date: Friday, April 15, 2011 07:00 PM
end date: Sunday, April 17, 2011 10:00 AM
where: Garden State Convention District: Davidson Avenue, Somerset, New Jersey 08873. Specifics emailed to those who register.
address: Next online Meeting is Friday, March 4th at 8pm. Get on the Email List for Information, ‘How to join in’ and Session ID at Got Questions? Attend the Meetings!  


cost: Event Admission, Activities and all Meals included: $110 to $130. Lodging and Travel expenses not included (See budget info below!)
dress code: Public areas: Non-kink Casual. Event: Polite Age Play Attire is Welcome. Current RSVP Count: 24. Current “Maybes” Count: 35. Total Count: 59


NELIcon: The Littles Ageplay Convention for the entire Northeast!


Sponsored by North East Littles (NEL) and posted 1/1/11 on: and many more.

Who may attend? NELIcon is open to Littles, a term which includes Diaper Lovers, all Age Players and Those who love them.


Littles Emporium
One major attraction of any convention is the opportunity to buy those special must have things you just can’t find anywhere else! NELIcon is a new way to meet your unique needs. Bear in mind that goods and services found here are 100% provided “For Us, By Us!” Vendors pay us fee to participate and expect to make a fair profit.
We rely on the proceeds to lower the real cost of registration to you.
Support your NELIcon Vendors!!!

Little Rascals Theater (LRT) & Presentation Room
10′ Super Screen & DL Projector (added courtesy of ABDL595.)
Classic Childhood Movies and Cartoons play around the clock with Presentations mixed in. Bring those blankies, footed pjs & videos!
We have an Official NELIcon Staff Videographer who knows what we need- In fact she’s one of us! Watch it Sunday Morning in the LRT.
Presentations by individuals, a ‘Daddies & Mommies’ Forum, Littles Social Advocacy Forum (We’re forming NEL and need movers and shakers) and More!

Middles Clubhouse is where the Older ageplayers (age play Grades 6-12) hang out. Big room! Everyone knows big kids sometimes need diapers too, due to incontinence and bedwetting problems but it isn’t cool to expose them here ’cause you aren’t babies – LOL. So wear those baggy pants and skirts and look sharp for the ‘Sock Hop’ on Saturday night. Of course there’s always some sissies, geeks, Goths, Lolitas, Rebs and Rockers around. NOTE: This room will be added once we attain 70 Registrants.

Littles Playroom (age play K – Grade 5) With structured games, crafts, sing-alongs and free time mixed in! This is a big well-lit private room with lots of carpeted room for active age players who want to run around. You’ll love it! We need Bigs (Mommies and Daddies) to serve as Supervisors.

The Adult Baby Nursery is where the Little-est Age Players are. There will be lots for Baby to do and you will have fun! There will be story times, sing-alongs and fun nursery games. We are in negotiations for private hotel rooms since nurseries are intimate settings. Note: These are NOT for lodging purposes. There is an Adult Changing Table on loan to us – take good care of it – for use in the Nursery area. All registrants may use this table if they like.

Diaper Party in the DL Lounge
Diapers are absorbent underwear and as such can be worn openly (only in this area!) in here if you like, along with t-shirts or onesies (also required.) We are “The Polite Diaper Party.” We are using private adjoining hotel rooms similar to the AB Nursery. This is the place where you can show your love and/ or need for all things “diaper”. Diaper Lovers dislike structure – we’re all about Freedom! Attendees may use their diapers for the intended purposes in a guilt-free, non-judgmental atmosphere. There will be adult appropriate table games available AND you are encouraged to bring your own. DL Show and Tell: Bring that special collection to educate your fellow diaperists! Vintage Pampers, Gerber items, Favorite Diapers – This is the place! Remember we are a 100% Non-sexual event. Moderate humiliation scenes may be played out, as long as they are Safe, Sane and Consensual, with a willing mommy or daddy figure. Wet Diaper Changes are permitted in here (No Scat – go to your room to change messes!) Moderate OTK Spanking permitted (See Rules.)

All may participate in the Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Parade and Littles Fashion Show. Bring that adorable outfit, bunny ears, cute bonnnet, wear your Easter Best!
Note: All Sections and Events are supervised by NELIcon Staff and Security at all times.

Treasure Chest Gift Exchange
Donate any unwanted Littles/ Age Play/ DL related items you would like to go to a new home with a small tag or tape attached with your name on it. Donations will be accepted at the Pizza Party on Friday night. Anyone who donates may participate in the exchange Saturday Night during Desert. Any unclaimed treasure will be given out at the discretion of NELIcon Staffers.

NELIcon Raffle
Several Registrants are donating handmade items for our Raffle to support NELIcon and the formation of the all new North East Littles. We greatfully accept donations and your support of the raffle. Tickets will be available all weekend. The Raffle will be held on Sunday at the Alumni SuperMunch.

Davidson Avenue, Somerset, NJ Garden State Convention District
Dates: Friday, April 15 through Sunday, April 17, 2011
Check-in: Friday at 7pm (Pizza Party 8-10 pm.)
Check-out: Sunday by noon (Alumni SuperMunch 12-2 pm.)

How to get here:
By Automobile: take Route 287 in NJ to exit 10 ‘Easton Avenue’. Bear left onto ‘Easton Avenue’ westbound. Be careful not to get back onto Route 287 North or you will have to circle around. Watch for first traffic light. Make left turn onto ‘Davidson Avenue’.
By Rail: There is a local shuttle service (Charges apply – roughly $11) and taxi service between the Hotel & New Jersey Transit’s ‘New Brunswick Station’ with service ( along the Northeast Corridor line to Newark Liberty Airport and New York PENN STATION and points North and East as-well-as a southern transfer to SEPTA to Philadelphia and points South and West.

Reservations Include Meals:
*Friday evening NELIcon Pizza Party (7pm Check-in) (8 – 10pm)
*Saturday morning Buffet Breakfast (Hotel guests only) (7-9am)
*Saturday afternoon: NELIcon ’11 SuperMunch (Noon -2pm)
*Saturday evening North East Littles Invasion Feast! (7-9pm)
*Sunday morning Buffet Breakfast (Hotel guests only) (7-9am)
*Sunday afternoon: NELIcon Alumni SuperMunch (12-2pm)

Registration Price Schedule
Earlybird Registration (Staff, Presenters, Vendors):$110
Advance Registration (February 15 to March 14): $120
Mockingbird Registration (March 15 to April 14):$130

An RSVP captures your Registration Price!
To Lock-in your registration price you must RSVP here on the Event Announcement Page. “Maybe” shows your interested but does not lock-in your price. When online registration opens those who RSVP will be vetted and, upon approval sent Registration details via email. BE SURE TO RSVP AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!!!

We’ll ask some basic questions about your and acquire a valid email address if we don’t have it yet. Avoid the ‘Noid! Those who have indicated an RSVP may send us a one paragraph blurb about yourself, what you hope to experience at NELIcon, what help you might like from NEL (if any), if you might like to participate in NEL (if any) and your biologic age. Photo ID and Proof of Age Required for Admission to the Event!)

NOTE: The actual Cost Per Registrant to the NELIcon Committee is $150! We plan to offset this cost with revenues from vendors tables, by selling high quality NELIcon Pins, NEL Patches, Stickers, and Raffles based on some real nice donations. Please support our fundraising efforts!

Registration Details
Registration begins March 1. Registration will be via PayPal. Those who are accepted as vetted will be emailed registration details. You will be able to pay using a credit card, debit card, or checking account. Visit the PayPal website for more information. Your information remains secure and private at PayPal. Registration will close one day before the event. Sorry No Walk-Ins!

Registration Refund Policy
Refunds are at the sole discretion of the NELIcon Committee. Refunds will not be available until we have received your payment and all NELIcon expenses are paid. Any refunds would be via PayPal and would be minus the small PayPal registration fee incorporated into the registration price paid.

Attendance Considerations
NELIcon Registration and Hotel Accomodation pricing are based on the concept of “Comp Space”. Free Meeting Space and other necessities were given us in-exchange-for registrants’ Meals plus an expected quantity of Room Rentals. We expect every registrant to secure their lodging WITH the venue hotel.

Hotel Accommodations and Pricing
Standard Rooms will cost $89 Per Night, plus tax.WARNING: Hotel name is never to be disclosed by any registrant to the public including anywhere on FetLife nor to those who are not registered! Doing so will VOID your registration and no refund will be given Registrants will be emailed contact information to secure accommodations.

Finding Roommates
Hotel Accommodations are not included with your NELIcon Event Registration. A Block of rooms has been reserved for this purpose. Be sure to join the NELIcon Alumni group NOW to look for roommates to share in the room expenses. Separate rooms that sleep two or four are available. If you have friends thinking about coming they need to get onto the list NOW if they want to share a room with you. We aren’t making roommate arrangements- that is why we set up the NELIcon Alumni group for you. It’s a smart move to find others to room with NOW!

Watch NELIcon Grow:
Each 580 sq. ft. Room below holds two to three dozen people!
We can add rooms in the next few weeks – in order of majority. That said, all Littles, Middles, Sissies, AB Furs, ABs & DLs – However you self-identify…Rally up your friends who aren’t on our list! This is your new annual event and numbers speak!

Registration Goals:
*At 60 RSVP’s we divide into a Littles Playroom and Middles Clubhouse.
*At 70 RSVP’s we add a Ladies Tea w/Domme Supervision.
*At 80 RSVP’s we add an ABFur Den Where the Wild Things Are!
*At 90+ RSVP’s we get Chocolate Cake for Breakfast! (We promise!)

NELIcon Open Meeting Schedule:
The next Open Meeting is: Friday Evening, March 4th at 8pm! Anyone on the RSVP/ Maybe Lists may attend these meetings! Want to come but can’t make the meetings? Contact us to schedule your own meeting. We need your email address in order to get everyone the ID Session # just before the meeting. We are not magicians – there is usually zero time to contact individuals at all the websites we post on, even on FetLife!

“Can You Help?”
We still need a few people to help us with advance expenses. Help us cover planned expenses (Pins, Supplies, Banners) and get the Early Bird Registration Price plus one NELIcon Pin. All it takes is a meeting online with the NELIcon Committee, your involvement and trust (we have a strong financial plan, registration process, you will be reimbursed!) and a valid Credit Card. NELIcon NEEDS YOU!

NELIcon Alumni Group
The forum is currently open for those who indicated an ‘RSVP’ or “Maybe” attending! Find roommates & travel buddies here:

NELIcon Pin Contest!!! Design a Little Legend!
Design our pin LOGO and get one FREE REGISTRATION for 2011. The colors are already defined, using Crayola Standard Colors:
North – the letter N is ‘Cornflower’ (blue) #9ACEEB (154, 206, 235)
East – the letter E is ‘Cotton Candy’ (pink) #FFBCD9 (255, 188, 217)
Littles – the letter L is ‘Vivid Violet’ (purple) #8F509D (143, 80, 157)
Invasion – the letter I is ‘Unmellow Yellow’ #FFFF66 (255, 255, 102)
The ‘con’ is the same yellow as ‘I’, lower case, no space.
The Sponsoring Body of NELIcon is NEL (not NELI) and it stands for North East Littles. The word “Invasion” represents the Convention itself – it represents all the NELI Conventioneers – which is why we don’t capitalize the letter “c” in ‘convention’ and is also why we don’t separate “I” from ‘con’ with a space. Each letter should be a separate color. Don’t use the year in the logo as we plan to sell any leftovers next year. We think it might be best to use a 1 and 1/4 inch rectangle or shape thereof but then you’re the designer! Keep it simple and easy to understand. The DEADLINE is March 14, 2011!

NELIcon Committee
The NELIcon Committee is dedicated to planning, promoting and executing the scheduled activities and events of NELICon. We are the force that will lead NELIcon as the Premier Event for the North East Region of North America. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals interested in planning, promoting and scheduling activities for this regional annual event. While experience is not required we welcome those with convention experience, business and social advocacy expertise. We hope to attract those interested in planning activities, event operations and “working behind the scenes” to make it all work.

How the NELIcon Committee & Staff Meets:
We have one dozen Committee Members but we can always use more. Meetings are usually done one-on-one, online and involve an internet connection and phone. Contact us- Schedule yours now!

North East Littles (NEL)
We run NELIcon to provide an annual event for the North East Region of North America but that’s not all we do. NEL provides support to Region-wide Munches that exist – or have the potential to exist – that ask for it. We’re made up of people who have Littles Group leadership experience and/ or other leadership experience, resources and a genuine interest in helping new groups get off the ground. Join us!

NEL is a non-profit organization run “For Littles By Littles.”
Membership in NEL is open to any adult with an interest to start a munch group, develop their group and expand group membership. Anyone with experience, resources and interest in providing assistance to these groups may join.

“Littles – We Do Exist!”
NEL welcomes Member Groups of with open arms, as well as other Age Play and AB/DL Munch Groups from anywhere in the North East Region of North America. Consider what this means for your group (resources, events in your area, referrals and social advocacy.) NEL Link:
Supporting NEL supports your Munch group and our Community!

Call for Staff
We welcome interested volunteers to help plan, prepare and staff Themed rooms. There are a special benefits (Earlybird Registration, sleep in the Staff Room, Free Pin!) for those qualified to Supervise, especially for Bigs/ Switches (Teachers, Nurses, Mommies and Daddies, etc.) Each themed area requires Supervisors to serve in “shifts.” Those willing to serve on the Committee (The “Movers and Shakers”) and/ or serve as event Staff (Security, area Supervisors, etc…) all receive this benefit! This work is FUN and rewarding but you won’t get a lot of sleep! There is room for several more! If finances are a sticking point whatever are you waiting for!?!

Call for Presenters
NELIcon is open to Presenters who would like to speak about topics dear to our hearts and perhaps give demonstrations. We welcome those with relative experience, talents and skills to share. Get Earlybird Registration! Contact us for further details.

Call for Vendors
We invite Purveyors of Things Little. Tables cost $75. Display your wares in the Littles Fashion Show! We have expanding membership, we promote stuff & we buy stuff!

NELIcon Wish List
AB Nursery
Adult Baby and Age Play Props and Furniture.
Baby/Toddler/Kids food for the “guess the food” game.
DLProjector/ screen combo wanted!
We need several Wiimotes, ‘Smarty Pants’, Michael Jackson Dance game and other fun kiddy games for our Wii System (Whatchagot?)
We need Nursery Music and a small portable music system.
DL Lounge: We need a VCR/CD Player, DLProjector/ Screens, and possibly a few nice gaming systems (XBox, Wii) (Calling DL Gamers!)
Littles Playroom: Bring those adult-sized blocks, kids toys, trikes, games, Tinkertoys, Legos, watchya got?
Does anyone have a portable heavy plastic Teetertotter? (Thanks “L” from NC Littles – Good One!)Middles Playroom: Same idea, whatchya got? Canya share?

A big thank you to Eros and Psyche for sharing their adult changing table!

What to bring with you
Bring any games/ activities that you think might be fun. Bring your AB/DL Collections for show & tell! No Hard-Core BDSM gear please – we don’t want to frighten the children! No exposed genitals will be permitted at any time. Pornographic media is not allowed! Remember: This is a One-Hundred Percent Non-Sexual event. Play nice! Wet diapers are fine – messy diapers will need to be changed quickly in the “Changing Rooms” (bathrooms) out of consideration for all. Keep the changing room doors closed. Bring your own diapers and diapering supplies. Use Common Sense!

Event Hours
Each Themed Event Area will be monitored by a responsible NELIcon Staff member at all times. Beds for sleeping are not provided and it is expected that you obtain your own lodging for this purpose. Rooms will be locked as empty without people and closed at certain times, to be determined by the judgment of the NELIcon Committee, including between the hours of approximately 2am until 9am and during all meals! Got Questions? Attend the online Meetings!

NELIcon Rules
A complete set of NELIcon Rules and Guidelines, a list of scheduled activities and Themed room assignments will be distributed via email to all Registrants in the beginning of April. The Basics:
*We expect registrants to secure any lodging with the venue hotel.
*Support your NELIcon Vendors.
*NELIcon is a One Hundred Percent Non-sexual Event.
*Your participation in NELIcon is at your own risk.
*Do not make any other person uncomfortable with your behavior or you will be expelled from the NELIcon event.
*Pornographic Material Is Not Allowed at our Event.
*NELIcon is a drug and alcohol free event.
*Please Keep the Noise Down to a dull roar.
*NO drugs or alcohol permitted. NO intoxicated guests permitted.
*NO smoking inside the Hotel as per hotels rules.
*NO smoking in any Event Room/ Location – It damages clothing.
*Wear street clothing when arriving or leaving events & munches.
*NEL is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
*We do not tolerate party crashing, harassment, theft, libel, inappropriate behavior or unwanted media exposure.

Dress Code: Discreet publicly “passable” cross-dressing is a matter of personal preference and is welcome here at all times. Blanket sleepers are ok in the hallway when you cross to other rooms but be discreet! We request that Costumes and unusual forms of dress be reserved strictly for the event rooms – there will be space for you to change. If any person is made to feel unreasonably uncomfortable by your clothing you will be asked to change or leave.

Kink Items: NO Exposed Kink Gear (Infantile/ Age-play/ DL) (i.e. pacifiers, diapers, onesies, etc…) or Paraphilic items are permitted outside any of the rooms including hotel halls, parking lot, restaurant or lobby. Don’t put us in a position to ask you to leave! Those expelled won’t be permitted back.

NEL Non-Discrimination Policy: We welcome adults of all sexual preferences and genders, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion or socio-economic status. We are a non-discriminatory organization. It is important to remember that we are all human; with unique hearts and minds and we are all beautiful in our own way. Closed minds have no place here.

Photography/ Videography within the bounds of the Event are limited to Designated NELIcon Staff only. We will be asking for Group and/ or Scene Pictures and all NELIconventioneers have the option to participate in disguise if they wish. Photographs may not be taken without the express written consent of all subjects.

Privacy Rights We agree that every individual has the right to privacy. Other than for the purpose of confirming the identity and adult age status of registrants (including vendors and all participants of NELIcon) at time of arrival, at no time is it appropriate or permissible to inquire or collect personal information of any individual in such a way as to jeopardize the reputation of said individual . Don’t Do It!

Copyright Notice
“The NORTH EAST LITTLES Invasion!”, NELIcon: The Littles Ageplay Convention for the entire Northeast!, North East Littles Invasion, North East Littles, NELIcon, NELI Convention, NEL NELIcon 2011, NELIcon ’11, “For Littles, By Littles”, “Littles – They Do Exist!” and “Littles – We Do Exist!” are copyrighted materials of NEL.

**Send us your email addresses so we can contact you to begin the VETTING process! Contact us at:

The Grand Total of interested parties is currently at 59 which is wonderful because it means NELIcon IS ON! We are expecting at least 60 to 90 registrants. We can easily handle 100+ people with the current registration pricing and venue constraints but availability quickly dwindles as the event approaches. Next year’s convention could double. The Hotel is big and is newly refurbished – We are sure you will like it. More People equals more fun – Bring your friends!


Kinksters going (24) so far:

Leiluna 25F Kinkster
Durham, North Carolina

cat691957 53F Switch
Williamsport, Pennsylvania

psyche1 33F Unsure
Annapolis, Maryland

zorroabdaddy 34M Fetishist
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Eros07 35M sub
Annapolis, Maryland

NannyBliss 36F Fetishist
Fairfax, Virginia

abdl595 32M Kinkster
Scranton, Pennsylvania

DiaperBadBoy 28M Switch
Springfield, Massachusetts

DLDan25 25M Kinkster
New York City, New York

mommysarah 29F Domme
Quinte West, Ontario

dlsmd 31M sub
Monroe, Michigan

WeHavePi 26F
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

diapered4ever 35M Switch
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

BrooklynABDL 25M Kinkster
New York City, New York

Chrissybib 55M sub
New Brunswick, New Jersey

WunderTom 34M Switch
Albany, New York

BabyRachy 20F Switch
New Haven, Indiana

brownie815 34F Bottom
Newark, New Jersey

kikee 59M Fetishist
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

jeffy_AB 52M Kinkster
Williamsport, Pennsylvania

lilbabywetnsquishy 27M sub
New Brunswick, New Jersey

glenndl 48M Fetishist
New Brunswick, New Jersey 


Additional RSVPs (not on the FetLife List):


aimeelynn  M Sissy

New York City, New York 


baby_girl_diaper  M Sissy

M Maryland


Kinksters “maybe” going (35) (“why” do kids tease each other?):

kid_marv 24M Unsure
New York City, New York

nuzzleme 23F Switch
Lambertville, New Jersey

BabyAndy 34M sub
Allentown, Pennsylvania

hbtoss 25M Kinkster
Reading, Pennsylvania

babybethie 56F slave
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

MDBoy 24M Fetishist
Annapolis, Maryland

boyX 39FtM Switch
Ypsilanti Zeeland, Michigan

Perette 40F Switch
Rochester, New York

KobiRyu 22M Dom
Ottawa, Ontario

DaddieDom 90M
Mentor, Ohio

DaddyWill 35M Dom
Baltimore, Maryland

BADiaperBro 34M Switch
New York City, New York

softpaw 25MtF sub
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Apollo4240 45M sub
Logan Circle, District of Columbia

dljayt 26M Fetishist
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

dombrattyboy 37M sub
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

fuzzyfish222 59M Kinkster
Albany, New York

Fr0st85 25M Fetishist
Atlantic City, New Jersey

babymary 46M sub
Toronto, Ontario

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babytiger 56M sub
Alexandria, Virginia

RileyKilo 24MtF Switch
Buffalo, New York

DeadDollyD 37F
Hackensack, New Jersey

jeffey82 29M Switch
South Burlington, Vermont

baddaddy_badbaby 41 Master
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WetDiaperBoy 31M Switch
Los Angeles, California

littlebri 41M Switch
Harrington, Delaware

diaperjared 36M
Glen Cove, New York

Luvs_Pampering 33M Fetishist
Peekskill, New York

tig3rmike 27M Switch
Plattsburgh, New York

WetBoy1107 26M Switch
Middletown, New York

ABDLinCT 28M Switch
Waterbury, Connecticut

cargoweasel 38M Kinkster
New York City, New York

dubes6380 30M Fetishist
Bridgeport, Connecticut

stardustangel42 20F sub
Binghamton, New York

Additional “Maybes” (not on FetLife):

Travisherron M AB/DL