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New Jersey Littles (NJL) 2nd Annual 'We-HOP Munch'

2nd Annual ‘We-HOP Munch’

Date: Saturday, January 28, 2012
Time of Munch: 1:00 PM to 2:45 PM
Where: International House Of Pancakes (Mmm!)
Address: 3081 State Route 27, Franklin Park, New Jersey 08823
Cost: Budget about twelve dollars plus tip – Separate Checks.
Dress code: Street clothes, No visible kink paraphernalia. Significant Others Welcome!

The We-HOP is our “FirstMunch” of the new year – an All-NJL tradition!
This is a combined event of the three NJL Munch groups. The setting is similar to a Thansgiving table, “family style” where we can all see and hear each other. We gather at the IHOP lobby (warm bench seatring) at 12:45 and enter together at 1pm for good food and friendly conversation. Latecomers ask for the “NJL Group”.

“This is your opportunity to meet others of like minds.”

There will be a private ageplay party for NJL Members by invitation only after the Munch. Members may get their invitation by contacting NJL Leadership at least one week in advance, cost per person $20.


Remember how it felt as newbie – not knowing what to expect? Be a Greeter! Make it easier for new members. We are “For Littles, By Littles” – Get involved!
Never been to a NJ Littles Munch? Will it be private or not? Will it be “low key”?
Read ‘What’s a Munch?’ in the NJL Rules as posted on websites listed below.

About NJL: “For Littles, By Littles”
New Jersey Littles has dozens of members of all adult ages, female and male.
NJL is an organized social group run by and for like-minded adults over the age of eighteen; Members must always be able to show legal ID.
We don’t allow minors to attend our Munches, Activities or Events.
We don’t tolerate illegal, immoral, or socially inappropriate behavior.
NJL does not tolerate pedophiles or the abuse of children whatsoever. New Jersey Littles has Rules which we expect all to honor. Please read and understand the rules prior to attending NJL Munches or events.

NJL is a proud member of North East Littles []

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