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Indiana "Hoosier High Chair" Munch

Monthly meet and greet for Indiana-area age players of all kinds! Check out our Google group for discussion and announcements.

You are not alone! Meet other age players monthly!

AB/DL/age play parties and other gatherings tend to be scarce here in Indiana. The reason is that we Indiana age players sometimes don’t talk to each other much; nobody knows anybody else. My idea: Let’s meet at a restaurant once a month, just to talk.  The goal is to form a baseline of social contact so that with any luck, other interactions can form — parties, other gatherings, maybe relationships. And since it began, it seems to have worked to some degree — there have been parties in the past, and sometimes we go see a movie or go shopping together after the munch. Let’s work toward having more parties in the future!

Date: Third Saturday of each month (next is November 19, 2011)
Time: 2:00-4:00 p.m.
Location: Golden Corral, 116 S Franklin Rd, Bloomington, Indiana — watch the Google group for details

A few frequently-asked questions:

Q. Am I welcome?

A. The munch is intended for (but not limited to): Adult babies, diaper lovers, age players, Littles, babyfurs, partners of these, people interested in the subject — in general, if you’re interested in these topics and don’t have an attitude of condemnation, you’re welcome!

Linda the Bunny

Linda the Bunny

Q. After I get to the restaurant, how can I tell where the munch is?

A. Look for the pink plush bunny on the table.  Her name’s Linda.  There might be other plushies that others have brought, but I always bring her as a mascot and sign.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The Golden Corral is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant.  It costs around $11 for all you can eat and a drink with free refills.  If you just want a drink (free refills), I think that’s around $2.  Other than that, there’s no cost.

Q. What do people wear?

A. It’s a public restaurant; people wear casual street clothes (on the outside, at least).  Many munchgoers wear diapers under their clothes, which is fine; I do that myself.  People sometimes wear T-shirts with the Sesame Street logo or the like; that’s OK.  But obvious pacifiers, babyish clothing, etc. — please don’t.  The goal is to make sure that everyone feels comfortable associating with everyone else while still feeling as if they’re expressing themselves, as much as is possible.

For more information you can send me email or visit the munch information page.

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