FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a munch? A munch is a casual lunch with like minded folks where we can meet in a public, non-threatening environment, eat, and discuss our mutual interests. It’s a great way to share information, support one another, have fun, and make friends.

The first episode of the Big Little Podcast also talks about what it’s like to attend and host an age play munch.

What does the term “little” mean? “Little” is a slang term that means adult, consensual, regressive, age play. Put another way, it means any role when one age plays as a child of 18 years or younger. The symmetric term “big” is used to refer to the supporting roles for littles such as daddies, mommies, aunts, uncles, sitters, teachers, etc. Some refer to themselves as “middle” – not a Big, but not the younger Little roles. Littles, middles, and bigs, as well as anyone who is curious about, or supportive of, age play is welcome to attend a littles munch.

What is age play? Age play is a form of role play where one or more people take on the role of a person that is not their actual, chronological age. Most commonly an age play takes on the role of someone that is 18 or younger. We use the term age play as a blanket term for this kind of role play where someone takes on this role as a child as well as all the adult roles that might support and interact in this form of play. As always, it’s important to note that consensual age play only takes place among chronological adults, regardless of the roles, and does not involve actual, chronological minors. Age play is not pedophilia. Anyone who would engage in pedophilia or any form of sexual abuse is not welcome at a littles munch nor any associated activities.

What if I don’t know anyone? Well, there are a few things you can do then: For starters, if RSVPs are not required, the munches are held in a public place who’s location and time are available. You could come out to the munch restaurant during the munch and observe from afar. No one will know you’re with the littles munch group unless you come up and identify yourself. So you’re free to join the munch in progress after  you watch and grow more comfortable. Also, most littles munches have an associated email list or Yahoo group. You can join the munch list. Post an introduction and get to know the folks that way.

How many people/women/men/people in their 20’s,30’s,40’s/mommies/daddies/straights, gays, bisexuals usually attend the munch? The truth is, it varies.  People of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, interests, and level of experience attend all the time.  Sometimes the group is small.  Other times it’s enormous!  But it’s always a fun time, and worth coming out no matter what.

Can you tell me if (a certain person) is coming? In a word, no.  But for a lot of different reasons.  The date, time, and location of most of the littlesmunch munches is publicly published information, meaning someone could show up without any prior confirming with the hosts.  Most littlesmunch munches do not require any sort of prior confirmation anyhow – so the likelihood that a host will know everyone who is or is not coming is slim at best.  It’s also a question of privacy and etiquette.  It would be a violation of an attendees privacy to tell someone else about their attendance.

What will I have to do at the munch? That’s actually a two part question.

If you mean will you be forced to wear a diaper, eat baby food, get spanked, or anything like that – certainly not.  The munch is not a play party, and even play parties don’t work like that.  No one will make you do anything.  The munch isn’t for play anyhow, it’s for low-key socializing.  You don’t have to talk about anything you don’t want to, and are free to come and go as you please.

There are a few things that are required of you, however.  First, be respectful of others, and of the other patrons at the restaurant.  This means don’t be too loud, don’t wear fetish wear which is not acceptable in public, and respect other munchers boundaries of privacy, space, and touch.

Also, while it’s not mandatory, it’s a good idea to come to the munch with a certain mindset.  You’re going to meet folks of all sorts, some more experienced than you, some less.  Keep an open mind, and go with the intention of making friends, sharing what you know, and learning from others, and you’ll get the most out of it.

Can you give me a ride to the munch? Munch hosts don’t do that as a rule.  However, each littlesmunch munch has its own companion mailing list here at the site.  If you join it, you can connect with other folks in between munches, and possibly even make arrangements with some of them to rideshare.

How will I know which table(s) are the munch? There’s lots of ways.  Every munch host runs their munch in their own unique way.  But some of the more common things to do/look for:

  • You can ask the restaurant staff for the “internet group” or “munch group”
  • You can look for the table with all the teddy bears and other plushies
  • You can look for people wearing the Littles and Baby Pride pin on their clothes and bags, or perhaps for a table with a little paper tent with the pride symbol on it.
  • Look for the table where people seem to be having the most fun!

How can I host a Littles Munch in my area? Hosting a munch requires little more than a bit of time each month and the willingness to reach out and help like-minded people to connect.

Here are two useful resources. The first episode of the Big Little Podcast which discusses not only attending a munch, but how to host one as well. Also, spacey, the webmaster for this site and founder of the Atlanta Littles Munch, wrote an article several years ago (now hosted on FetLife) about how to setup and host a munch.

Finally, to get listed on LittlesMunch.com you and the munch need to meet three criteria:

  1. It has to be open to all kinds of age players. That is, it can’t just be for ABDLs or just school age players, but open to all kinds of regressive age players and their supporters. It also means the group should be open to all gender identities and sexual orientations.
  2. The munches should be hosted at least monthly.
  3. Someone needs to update the munch listing, even just to change the dates, monthly.

If all of that works for you, then contact the spacey at spacey@theghidrah.com to get started. In addition to the listing on LittlesMunch.com we have some additional resources available to munch hosts that we’ll explain when we hear from you.