Cleveland’s Little Toy Box
A meeting of littles including adult babies, littles, middles, as well as bigs, friends, the curious, and everyone in between located in Northeast Ohio.
  • Munches are usually held every second Tuesday of each month. The location changes each month to accommodate our Eastside, Westside and Akron area members.
  • RSVP is not required but those who wish to do so may do so at our fetlife group.

You can expect low-key socializing with other age players. Since it’s an entirely public, vanilla venue, there’s no play, kink, or obvious fetish wear.

We do have events each month that are more fun-oriented rather then meetings typical of a munch.

As stated above, all munch and events are posted about a month in advance and can be found at our Fetlife.

-Johnny Boy (secretary of fun things)