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NC Littles Munch at Debauchery: Nov 9-11, 2012

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

I’m excited to announce that the NC Littles Munch will be sponsoring the ageplay room at Debauchery (Nov 9-11) again this year! Please come out and enjoy our space-themed, self service play room featuring activities for ageplayers of all kinds (yes, Bigs too), short scheduled gatherings, prizes and giveaways, and play equipment.

The entire 3-day event will be a blast and features 2 parties, loads of special events, 30+ classes and much, much more. I hope lots of NC Munchers will be able to attend Debauchery and will come out to support ageplay at the event and enjoy the facilities!

Here are more details on some extra special enticements for age players of all kinds to attend!

Special Presenters

Mako Allen

Mako, co-host of the Big Little Podcast, will be attending again this year and presenting at least one ageplay related class.

Benny  teaching “No Grownups Allowed”
This class is on ageplay WITHOUT Bigs! What can the littles get up to when unsupervised? I will cover skills and ideas for playing well with other littles, as well as ideas for solo play.

Benny will also be vending from his ageplay clothing store,  Never Grown Up.

Nayland presenting “Notes of a Reluctant Daddy: Ageplay from the ‘Big’ perspective.”
Being confronted by a partner’s desire for age play can be jarring and unsettling. Most classes look at the situation from the point of view of the “little”, but the situation can be just as triggering for the “adult”, bringing up questions of socially taboo desires, and styles of play where one’s partner may be extremely vulnerable. This class presents some strategies for discussing the possibilities and a frame work for find one’s way into the role of being “the Grownup” as well as presenting an opportunity to question some of the assumptions about that role.

More Info about Debauchery
Find out more about and register for the event at the Debauchery website. Early registration is only $75, which ends October 9th! Late registration is $95.  Hotel rooms are $84 per night for King or 2 Double rooms in either a quiet or party block, and includes wireless internet access and hot breakfast, access to special 4th floor events, and several other perks.

Questions? Ideas? Want to volunteer for a 30-minute shift in the Ageplay room? E-mail us at

October 2011 Munch Recap

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

The munch crowd was light on that fabulously warm and sunny October afternoon. We enjoyed a long lunch though, and then split up to more entertainments on our own.

After that, Julia and I headed to Jamestown to City Lake Park for the Fall Leaves boat tour. Boy, was it spectacular! Just the right time of day to catch colors on many trees around High Point City Lake. There were many bird sightings including an impressive bald eagle and a blue osprey who kept stalking the boat.  I definitely recommend this tour to anyone in the Triad.

We will not be having a munch in November (Thanksgiving weekend) or December (Christmas Eve).  I hope many of you will attend our next munch in January – January 28, 2012.

September 2011 Recap

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

September’s munch was sparsely attended. Hey, FetLife RSVPers — cmon out! Don’t be shy.

It was great to see B and J again, thanks for driving all the way to munch with us. Following our lunch, we all caravanned over to Build-a-Bear workshop at Four Seasons mall. Much fun was had by all as we shopped and oogled all the merchandise. Gallus’ new boots are awesome and we are glad they fit him, K.

I hope lots of you will attend in October. We’ve got a great field trip planned for after, a boat ride around the lake in High Point City Lake Park (in Jamestown).  Also, Debauchery is coming up on the 28th and 29th and we are busily planning lots of fun activities for the ageplay room. See you there!

August 2011 Recap

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Well, firstly I am super happy to say that this munch marked our 2nd anniversary of munching in NC!  I’d like to take this chance to thank some of the many people who have helped make this munch happen. Namely, I’d like to recognize Spacey, without whom this website would not exist, and who has supported us from the beginning. I’d also like to recognize all of the NC munch organizers, that’d be me (Maya), Pene and her husband J, and my wife Julia. Thanks go out to all of  our “regular” attendees, all of our new/occasional guests, and especially those who’ve traveled to Greensboro from as far away as Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond, and other places too, just to attend our little gathering! Thank you as well to Sleepy, who helped us organize munches in Raleigh this year to extend the fun there.  I’m also giving a shout-out to Zac (Z in previous recaps) who has kindly agreed to serve as a backup munch host and write recaps for us.

So to cap off all my rambling, here’s a recap of our August 2011 munch, written by Zac:

About a dozen showed up for August’s munch, though mercifully, that tally did not include a hurricane named Irene. It did, however, include two newcomers – J and B – in addition to a number of returning regulars. A few hours of fun conversation and Fuddruckers food was followed by a trip to see Winnie the Pooh.

Please be sure to join us at our next munch, on Saturday, September 24. Our after-munch activity will be a trip to Build-A-Bear! And don’t forget about Debauchery in October – please scroll down to the next recap below this for more information.

Debauchery – October 28 & 29 in Greensboro

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

I’m excited to announce that the NC Littles Munch will be “sponsoring” the ageplay theme room at the dungeon parties for Debauchery 2011! The parties are Friday and Saturday nights, October 28 and 29.  We are planning some scheduled mini-events, a cuddle party finale, and a few special surprises for any ageplayers (little, middle or big) that attend.

Mako Allen, co-host of the Big Little Podcast (and one of the DC Littles Munch organizers) will be attending and presenting a class about Self Esteem, and Benny (DeviantTouch), frequent Big Little Podcast guest, will be attending and presenting a class just about Bigs in ageplay.

Find out more about, and register for, this BDSM event, at their website,

July 2011 Recap

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Well, it sure was a beautiful day for a picnic on Saturday the 23rd, but the heat was an unwelcome guest. Many drinks were consumed by our motley group of 10 attendees and we amused ourselves under the shade with coloring/drawing, chitchat and a vicious game of Simpons-opoly. Z, you are a formidable player!

A special call-out and welcome to a new muncher who brought tasty pound cakes. Thanks for attending, S!

We hope the next picnic we have will be more well-attended, and we thank those who came out for braving the 95 degree temps to do so!  Please keep an eye out for a future picnic invite, perhaps in the fall.  See y’all at Fuddrucker’s in August! (PS – it has air conditioning. Whee!)

February/March 2011 Recap

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Oops! Your NC Munch Organizers forgot all about adding a recap for February and March. We’ll be back with more recaps soon.

January 2011 Munch Recap

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

What a fun munch we had today! A big enough crowd (including all the NC Munch Organizers) that we almost didn’t have enough tables. Thanks to DM and T for coming all the way from Charlotte to munch with us, and welcome to new munchers K and J. As always we are happy to see our “regulars” too!

After we ate we headed over to Gate City Lanes to bowl for an hour, which was great, even if none of us are exactly bowling champs.  I think we’ll definitely be bowling again sometime! It was a bit warm in the alley, leading us to have to go for ice cream afterwards. :)

All in all it was a lovely munch day and I hope future munches are as fun. Please stay tuned for information on a special Raleigh-area munch hosted by Sleepy on Sat, Feb 12th and calendar our regular Greensboro munch which will be Sat, Feb 26th.

December 2010 Munch Recap

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Thanks to Z for braving the cold to come munch with Justin and myself at our December munch. I hope that the special date did not put anyone off and folks were just busy shopping or pre-holiday shenanigans.

Hope to see lots of munchers at our next munch on January 22! We are planning to go bowling afterwards.

November 2010 Munch Recap

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Yay for a fun holiday weekend munch! We had Spacey & Lady Mae of the Atlanta Littles Munch up visiting and it was super to have them in attendance at the NC munch. Also, welcome to 2 new munchers who could join us on Saturday – it was great to meet you, J and C.

After the munch we headed over to ice cream at Coldstone.

Our next regularly scheduled munch fell on Christmas, so we’ve moved it up a week to the 3rd Saturday, which is December 18th.  I hope to see lots of you there!