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Brisbane ABDL Munch

  1. Date & Time: Last Friday of every month · 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  2. Location: The Three Monkeys Cafe, 58 Mollison Street, West End
  3. Cost: Whatever you deem fit to spend. ($10 eftpos limit)
  4. Dress code: Whatever you please, but no overly visible nappy, thank you.

Hurray, its time again for the Brisbane ABDL Munch!

This munch is held monthly by QABDL at the same location, The Three Monkeys Cafe in West End (though we are currently in the process of choosing a new location) between four and seven pm.

Everyone who has even the smallest bit of interest in ABDL/ageplay/diapers/etc is more than welcome to come along, (and this includes littles and all the different kinds of caretakers) but please contact Darcy on if you have any questions.

Darcy will typically arrive early to reserve a booth/table. Look for the table with a teddy bear and a sign that says “Ordo Anas” (Latin for Order of the Duck.) Beyond that, look for a short woman with a pink fringe.

This is a great opportunity to meet some others who are interested in similar things, and enjoy some good food in a very relaxed setting. We also usually move on to a bar afterwards but this is decided on the day.

Everyone is extremely welcoming, so please don’t be shy about coming along, or asking for more information.

See you all there. (:

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