Scouts Halloween Party

Date & Time: Saturday, October 17, 2015 · 7:00 PM –11:00 PM
Location: Mr. Ace’s and Autumn’s House
Cost: $0
Dress code: Costumes!!!!

The Scouts are throwing a Halloween party again this year. The party will be at Mr. Ace’s and Autumn’s house. It’s a cozy fit 🙂

There will be a changing area.

Costumes, games, movies, smores, and more.

We ask they everyone please bring a yummy treat to share or a drinks. Also, please bring a bag of candy/stickers/tattoos/tacky rings etc. for the party. We will be having bag decorating and candy distribution by the Bigs!

Also, we will have pumpkin carving again this year. Bring a pumpkin to carve!

The party is the same day as the Little’s munch. If you have a baby sitter keep them! Party time is 7-11.

More details to come!

P.S. This event is at a personal residence. If you cannot attend the munch, please have someone in the Little’s community vet/speak for you to secure an invite.

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