October 2012 munch

We’re still going strong with the Albany Ageplay Munch.  We’d like to invite any littles, middles, bigs or whatevers out for some hanging out and maybe some food.

We’ll be hanging out, discretely hiding in plain sight. Meet us in Colonie Center’s food court between the escalators and the windows where there are some more private tables. Look for the teddy bear on the table. We’ll be there between 4 and 5pm or longer if we get chatting.

While we encourage people to be themselves and have fun, please note that this is a vanilla setting and all attendees should dress and behave in such a way that you don’t attract undue attention. Those dressed or acting inappropriately will be told to leave. This has never come up because ageplayers are fabulous!
If you’re nervous about attending, grab some fries or Chinese food and check us out from across the room.

Generally, we organize through Fetlife in our own group https://fetlife.com/groups/22571 and that’s the best place to go to for updates and news. Message WunderTom on fetlife or DWundertom@gmail.com.

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