July Munch

We’re wandering around the Capital District and trying out new places.  This month we’re at Five Guys Burgers at 1512 Western Ave in Albany, NY.  We’ll be there on Sunday the 8th from 7pm to at least 8pm, but we can run longer if we’re having fun. We’ll have a teddy bear on the table and apart from that we’ll just look like folks chatting.

Bigs, littles, newcomers, veterans, and all in between will be warmly welcomed.

While we encourage people to be themselves and have fun, please note that this is a vanilla setting and all attendees should dress and behave in such a way that you don’t attract undue attention. Those dressed or acting inappropriately will be told to leave.

If you’re nervous about attending, at least come to the restaurant and scope us out. We won’t know who you are if you don’t come over and say hello.

The best place to get in touch with us is on Fetlife in our <a href=”https://fetlife.com/groups/22571″>group</a>. They require that you make a free account but it’s a great place to reach out to other kinksters and to make friends.  Send me a note, I’m Wundertom on that site.

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