Atlanta Littles Munch Fall/Halloween Sleepover

Atlanta Littles Munch Fall/Halloween Sleepover

Alight boys and gouls, ghosts and goblins,

It’s finally time to lay out the details for the upcoming sleepover event. First, lets get the basics out of the way:

P.s. If you’re a veteran munch party-goer, lots of this is going to look very familiar. Still, keep your eyes peeled for a few difference.

* Who: You — If we know you from one of the past Atlanta Littles Munches.
* Date: Saturday, November 5th
* Party Time: 6:00 pm
* Sleepy Time: around 1 am
* Cleanup Time: 11:00 am on Sunday
* Where: At a private residence.
* What you need to do: Email me at to RSVP and for directions. If you’d like to volunteer to help with the party, that’d be great too.

What to bring:

1. Yourself
2. A donation to the party. $5 is recommended.
3. A food item to share. (Candy and/or dinner item)
4. Sleeping bag, pillow, and blanket
5. Jammies!
6. Anything you might want to share at the Littles Exchange
7. A pumpkin if you’d like to carve one.

What we’ll be up to:

It’s a party! There’ll be face painting, temporary tattoos, pumpkin carving, party games, card games, costume contest, arts and crafts, Halloween kids movies and lots and lots of fun!

Of course, we have a few rules too:

1. It’s a sleepover, so you’re welcome to stay overnight. Mostly what we have available is a good bit of floor space and a couple of sofas. The beds have already been claimed. Of course, you’re also welcome to come to the party and then head home to sleep in your own bed.
2. When bedtime comes around (about 1 am), you don’t have to go to sleep, but please keep the volume low.
3. Please wear street clothes until you get into the house. Once you’re inside, wear what makes you comfortable.
4. Be careful where you park. Be sure not to block any driveways or mail boxes and park in the direction of traffic.
5. We will not be providing alcohol. If you drink, please bring your own and have a designated driver. Obviously intoxicated folks will be asked to leave.
6. If you wear diapers, you will need to bring your own changing supplies and arrange for your own changes. The hosts will not be offering diaper changes. However, we will have an area set aside for changing.
7. If you wish to engage in more loud or raucous forms of play such as spanking, heavy tickling, etc. , please take it out of the common areas and into one of the side rooms.
8. We’ll have age players of all kinds from adult babies to adult high schoolers as well as mommy’s, daddy’s, teachers, and other bigs. Please be tolerant of how everyone plays.
9. There will be a dog and cat in the house. They are both super friendly, but if you have allergies you should come prepared.
10. Please do not dispose of the hard plastic utensils and dinnerware. They are reusable. Also be careful not to dispose of other people’s serving-ware.



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