September 2011 Recap

September’s munch was sparsely attended. Hey, FetLife RSVPers — cmon out! Don’t be shy.

It was great to see B and J again, thanks for driving all the way to munch with us. Following our lunch, we all caravanned over to Build-a-Bear workshop at Four Seasons mall. Much fun was had by all as we shopped and oogled all the merchandise. Gallus’ new boots are awesome and we are glad they fit him, K.

I hope lots of you will attend in October. We’ve got a great field trip planned for after, a boat ride around the lake in High Point City Lake Park (in Jamestown).  Also, Debauchery is coming up on the 28th and 29th and we are busily planning lots of fun activities for the ageplay room. See you there!

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