August 2011 Recap

Well, firstly I am super happy to say that this munch marked our 2nd anniversary of munching in NC!  I’d like to take this chance to thank some of the many people who have helped make this munch happen. Namely, I’d like to recognize Spacey, without whom this website would not exist, and who has supported us from the beginning. I’d also like to recognize all of the NC munch organizers, that’d be me (Maya), Pene and her husband J, and my wife Julia. Thanks go out to all of  our “regular” attendees, all of our new/occasional guests, and especially those who’ve traveled to Greensboro from as far away as Raleigh, Charlotte, Richmond, and other places too, just to attend our little gathering! Thank you as well to Sleepy, who helped us organize munches in Raleigh this year to extend the fun there.  I’m also giving a shout-out to Zac (Z in previous recaps) who has kindly agreed to serve as a backup munch host and write recaps for us.

So to cap off all my rambling, here’s a recap of our August 2011 munch, written by Zac:

About a dozen showed up for August’s munch, though mercifully, that tally did not include a hurricane named Irene. It did, however, include two newcomers – J and B – in addition to a number of returning regulars. A few hours of fun conversation and Fuddruckers food was followed by a trip to see Winnie the Pooh.

Please be sure to join us at our next munch, on Saturday, September 24. Our after-munch activity will be a trip to Build-A-Bear! And don’t forget about Debauchery in October – please scroll down to the next recap below this for more information.

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