July 2011 Recap

Well, it sure was a beautiful day for a picnic on Saturday the 23rd, but the heat was an unwelcome guest. Many drinks were consumed by our motley group of 10 attendees and we amused ourselves under the shade with coloring/drawing, chitchat and a vicious game of Simpons-opoly. Z, you are a formidable player!

A special call-out and welcome to a new muncher who brought tasty pound cakes. Thanks for attending, S!

We hope the next picnic we have will be more well-attended, and we thank those who came out for braving the 95 degree temps to do so!  Please keep an eye out for a future picnic invite, perhaps in the fall.  See y’all at Fuddrucker’s in August! (PS – it has air conditioning. Whee!)

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