Shock Radio Coverage of Frolicon / Littles

Over Easter Weekend a group of Atlanta shock jocks sent an undercover “reporter” into the annual geek/kink event known as Frolicon. On Monday morning, during the morning show, they derided the event and the attendees of Frolicon by reading and commenting on the class list, having reporter describe his experience in the classes, calling out the littles and furries activities specifically, playing a secret recording of the Littles Story Time, and pointing listeners to a Facebook page with pictures. One of these pictures was of an age player at the con with her face half-covered by a coloring book. The commentary was typically mean, focused on sex, called littles a substitute for pedophilia, and made fun of the weight/size of the attendees.

Fortunately the Frolicon lawyers stepped in right away and with the help of others had the photos taken down from Facebook. However the audio remains. This show did a similar piece about an Atlanta con called Furry Weekend Atlanta just a few weeks prior.

Because shows like this thrive on the attention they receive by creating this shock content, I have chosen not to post any links to it nor to even  name of the show. If you wish to learn more about how to access it you may email me directly:

This show may anger you as it did me. However, I want to urge you not to contact the show’s producers, offer to go on the air, nor do anything that puts our response to this on their terms. They have already demonstrated that they are in this for ratings through denigrating others. They clearly aren’t interested in journalism nor multiple perspectives. It’s a show about sensationalism and any attempt to approach them only legitimizes them and gives them more fuel. If you’ve been thinking about this, PLEASE DON’T!

After talking about this incident with a few regular munch attendees and leaders, we have agreed on taking the following actions:

1. We have a description and picture of the person that made the undercover recordings and pictures. He will not be welcome to attend this munch.

2. We are working with the munch location to request they eject anyone we indicate are causing us trouble.

3. We are calling attention to our current photography/video/recording policy: there is to be no photographic, audio, or video recording at a munch without the express consent of everyone included in the recording. Anyone caught doing this and failing to delete the recording when requested will be ejected from the munch or play party. Please keep your eyes open for this.

One important thing we are NOT doing is going into hiding. We may act young. but we are grown adults, capable of taking care of our own. We will not cower in the face of bullies looking to get their “yuks” and “lulz.”

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to me contact at the email address I gave above.

spacey – Adopted by Lady Mae

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