Austin’s 1st Birthday Party-April 16th

04/16/2011 at 03:00 pm
Baby A’s StoneLake/Mommy’s
9505 Stonelake Boulevard
Austin, Texas, 78759
United States
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April marks the 1st birthday of the Austin munch/group, So let’s celebrate! If you have been to a munch, party or just been curious about us, now is the time to come out and celebrate with us.

This month we are merging the MUNCH and PARTY all in one. we will start the day off at 3pm at Baby A’s and have dinner and a few drinks then about 6pm wrap it up and head back to the house for a diaper party. Like always you are welcome to come and wear what you would like at the party and stay the night. There is always snacks and some diapers that you can use. If you don’t have an outfit to wear just ask and I’m sure Josh will share with you, he always does.

Like always we will have movies playing in the back ground, games to play, toys to play with and good conversation. No birthday party would be complete with out cake and ice cream so…. Of course we will have cake, ice cream and balloons!

So please come out and celebrate Austin’s birthday with us all! Just remember if you stay the night make sure you bring a pillow, blankie and stuffed animal to cuddle with. If you can’t make it at 3, please don’t think that means you can’t come. If you need to come later please do. Show up when you can and leave when your ready. I hope to see you all there and meet some more new people!

FYI…… If you are new to the MUNCH, when you show up at Baby A’s ask for Courtney’s party and they will direct you to us BUT we are always out on the patio by the fire pit!

Mommy Courtney

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